Corld's Medium of Exchange

Cedium resides at the core of our unique
“Sharing Economy Model” and serves as our sole accounting unit,
for all economic transactions made within Corld!

Why TDE?

(Token Distribution Event)

Blockchain revolution created a whole new level of user engagement and integration. We do not see the token distribution event as solely a crowdfunding initiative. Corld takes its strength from its community first approach. We see our token holders not only our partners and investors but also the early adapters of our social platform. We want to build the future of social networking with everyone and TDE offers a perfect environment to do so.

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Token Info
Token Name Cedium
Token Ticker CEU
Token Type ERC20
Accepts ETH and BTC
KYC and AML Yes
Fundraising Goal 40,000 ETH
Total Token Supply 400,000,000 CEU
Available for TDE 160,000,000 CEU
TDE Token Price 1 ETH = 4,000 CEU
Pre-TDE and TDE Periods
Pre-TDE Period Nov 05 (GMT 10:00) - Dec 03 (GMT 09:59)
Pre-TDE Bonus 30% during Nov 05 (GMT 10:00) - Nov 12 (GMT 09:59)
20% during Nov 12 (GMT 10:00) - Nov 19 (GMT 09:59)
15% during Nov 19 (GMT 10:00) - Nov 26 (GMT 09:59)
15% during Nov 26 (GMT 10:00) - Dec 03 (GMT 09:59)
TDE Period Dec 03 (GMT 10:00) - Dec 31 (GMT 09:59)
TDE Bonus 10% during Dec 03 (GMT 10:00) - Dec 10 (GMT 09:59)
5% during Dec 10 (GMT 10:00) - Dec 17 (GMT 09:59)
0% during Dec 17 (GMT 10:00) - Dec 24 (GMT 09:59)
0% during Dec 24 (GMT 10:00) - Dec 31 (GMT 09:59)
Referral Bonus 5%
Pre-TDE Soft Cap 500 ETH
Pre-TDE Hard Cap 2,500 ETH
Pre-TDE Minimum Personal Cap 0.5 ETH
Pre-TDE Maximum Personal Cap 100 ETH
TDE Minimum Personal Cap 0.5 ETH
TDE Maximum Personal Cap 500 ETH
Token Allocation
This reserve includes Private Rounds, Pre-TDE, and TDE where the portion of TDE is by far the majority.
This reserve will have a 12-months vesting and will be used to support global expansion, partnerships, future development, future team member and advisor acquisitions etc.
This reserve will be used for current team members and advisors. Each team member and advisor will have a 6-months vesting with a 6-months cliff.
This reserve will be used to reward our users for their contributions over time. One third of the Rewards Pool will be distributed to initial users, and will continue to be distributed maximum equivalent of one third of the remainder per annum.
This reserve will be used for business partnerships for TDE.
This reserve will be used for bounty activities for TDE.
Project Budget
Dedicated to cross-device application development of iOS and Android platforms.
Dedicated to Community Development, Digital and Social Media Promotions, Influencer Acquisitions, Event Sponsorships and Brand Marketing Efforts.
Dedicated to the Team, Employees and Operational Expenses.
Dedicated 15% of our Budget to Research and Development, in order to progress towards the advancement of a decentralized Corld and the development of the Corld Blockchain.
Dedicated to Corld's international legal advisory expenses.
Dedicated to other efforts and expenses.



To see Corld and Cedium Token in action, you can watch the video below

Meet the Team

Cem Unsal

Co-Founder and CEO

Cenk Unsal

Co-Founder and COO

Gozde Kucukoglu

Head of Product Marketing

Erman Mec

Head of Business Development

Ali Seckin Karayol

Interaction Designer

Taylan Pince

Mobile Team Lead

Serkan Terek

UX Lead

Yigit Guler

Backend Team Lead

Kaan Eryilmaz

Design Lead

Sam Onat Yilmaz

Investor, Finance &
Token Economics Advisor

Gavin Knight

Investor, Token Economics &
Technology Advisor

Thomas Gross

Legal Advisor

Brad Bulent Yasar

Strategic Advisor


Blockchain Solutions


Bounty Partner

Hedman Partners

Legal Partner